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In the world of Philadelphia Zoning, there's nothing more predictable than receiving a letter marked, "Request for Additional Information."   There's also nothing less predictable than a letter marked "Request for Additional Information."   An additional information request is sent by Licenses and Inspections whenever one of their plans examiners wants — well, to know more about your project.  Here's a recent example from our files:  Philadelphia Zoning applied...

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One of the most sensible and also counter-intuitive parts of the zoning process in Philly is the community review.   Any time you want to use your property for something that the zoning code doesn't allow, you must seek a variance from the City of Philadelphia (as we've discussed).  When you seek a variance, a community organization in Philadelphia gets to review the proposal before the City...

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    Say you want to open a coffee shop.  You’ve found a place, in a quiet block, and the building is perfect: homey, but a little more spacious than you might expect.  It’s on a corner, too.  But it’s zoned RSA-5 (as you might already know if you’re reading this: Residential Single-Family, Attached; Category 5 of 5).  So you aren’t allowed, under Philadelphia law, to open...

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