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Building Permits

Whether you want to modify your small home or build a new apartment complex, you are going to need a building permit.  This form is so pervasive that even some projects you’d think fall outside of construction still require a building permit.  For example, when we were securing the permit for City Fitness’ neon sign in Fishtown, we had to acquire a building permit (along with a zoning permit and a wall sign permit).


If your project induces any of the following descriptions: build, demolish, repair, change, add(ition),  install, then you will need a building permit. (Yes, the installation of equipment systems also require a building permit.)


What can be confusing is that the city’s Certificate of Occupancy is actually a building permit application. So when registering a building’s occupancy or seeking to change occupancy classification, you will be going through the process to secure a building permit.


When in doubt, we will check it out. It’s always better to apply for the permit and not need it, then to assume you don’t need it and get stuck with a huge violation and fine down the line.


We can secure one for you, and let you know what kind of documentation you need to go with it.  In the event you need plans or technical renderings, we can even handle that through one of our trusted architectural partners.

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