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The basis of what Philadelphia Zoning does is expediting. The owner of the company, Alexa Ahrem, started in the business in Philadelphia as an expediter working alongside a Zoning attorney. Philadelphia Zoning was born out of the need for qualified expediters who do more than just push paper.

Philadelphia Zoning is effective: We get the job done, done well, and done right.


Efficient: Timely but not rushed.


Competent: Anyone can drop off and pick up paperwork. Few do it in a way that takes ownership of all of the moving parts that are involved in acquiring permits and licenses. We liaison between all of the parties involved in a project including: the plans examiners, other city groups, the owner of the project, contractors, and design professionals.


Communication: You are provided with your permit application number and a way to track the application status in the city’s databases. You also will receive weekly updates from Philly Zoning letting you know where your application stands and what information we need from you to keep it moving.


The purpose of an expediter is not to “push things through quicker” via cutting corners and skipping steps. A great expediter understands the processes inside and out and thus can operate effectively and efficiently. Of course, having positive rapport with those involved in the process (specifically the city) is beneficial as well, which we pride ourselves on.


Expediting services are provided for the following:

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