The foundation of the services provided by Philadelphia Zoning is expediting. Philadelphia Zoning contains a team of licensed expediters whom apply for and obtain your permits and licenses, and also liaison between all of the parties involved in a project.


When you work Philadelphia Zoning, you will be working with a team that is efficient and provides simple and clear communication. You are provided with your permit application number and a way to track the application status in the city’s databases. You will receive weekly updates from Philadelphia Zoning letting you know where your project stands and what information we need from you and all involved parties to keep it moving.


Expediting services are provided for the following:


The purpose of an expediter is not to “push things through quicker” via cutting corners and skipping steps. Great expediters understand the complex processes and thus operate effectively and efficiently. Of course, having positive rapport with those involved in the process (specifically the city) is beneficial as well, which we pride ourselves on.

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If you have any upcoming projects that you need assistance with, please fill out our project help form.


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