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Housing Rental License

Renting-out any unit of a house – even if it’s your own home – requires a rental license.


Each unit within the building require a rental license; meaning you cannot have just one license for each building (unless you are renting out a single family home.) So, if you are renting out a duplex, you need two rental licenses. If you are renting out a triplex, you need three rental licenses, etc., etc.


If you live in a unit within a building you also rent out to other tenants, you still need a license for each of the other units other than your own. We recommend acquiring the license for your unit as well in case you wind up moving and renting that one out eventually.  It can’t hurt in any way, and saves you time when you do decide to move.


It is vital that you acquire your housing rental license(s) before renting out the property. If the property is already rented and you do not have your license(s), acquire them ASAP. It is impossible to rectify any troubling situation with a tenant if you do not have these licenses– the city could careless about the rent you are owed if you do not have an active rental license.


We can quickly acquire Housing Rental License(s) for you with just a little information about you and your property.


Please note! There are certain things that you need to have before you will be able to get your rental license. These things include your Commercial Activity License, Business Income and Receipts Tax Account Number, Federal Tax Identification Number or Social Security Number, and Zoning Approval (for 2+ units).

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