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Building Permits

Whether you are building a new apartment complex, altering a residential building, or are completing a tenant fit-out, you are going to need a building (or alterations) permit. If your project induces any of the following descriptions: build, demolish, repair, change, add(ition), install, then you will need a Philadelphia building permit. The installation of equipment systems also require a building permit.


We provide permit expediting servcies for buildingpermit for the following building permit projects:


  • Tenant Fit-Outs
  • Signs
  • Additions
  • Renovations
  • Demolition
  • New construction
  • Certificate of Occupancy
  • Mechanical Scope of Work
  • Structural Scope of Work



Philadelphia’s building permit applications apply to a wide-range of projects.  For example, a building permit is needed for the installation of signs.  In addition, the city’s Certificate of Occupancy (which every building technically requires) is a building permit application. So when registering a building’s occupancy or seeking to change occupancy classification, you will be going through the process to secure a building permit.


We can secure your Philadelphia Building Permit or Certificate of Occupancy for you.  We will manage the entire process and will obtain any other approvals, permits, or licenses you may also need. A project that requires a building permit almost always requires a zoning/use permit and possibly other licenses.  In the event you need professional plans or technical renderings, we can handle that through one of our trusted architectural partners, or have our internal draftsman create plans for you.


Note: Philadelphia Zoning does not apply for electrical permits, plumbing permits, or fire suppression and fire alarm systems. Those permits are required to be obtained by the individual subcontractors.

“Working with Philadelphia Zoning has been such a pleasant experience. As a non-Philadelphia company it wasn’t the easiest process to get up and running there. Alexa made it a breeze. From A-Z she handled all of the needs and got us up and running without stress.”
– Bear Silber, COO of Candytopia

“Philadelphia zoning helped to make the permitting process for my project quick, easy, and painless.  They also were very helpful with various code and permitting questions and responses were received quickly.  I would definitely recommend this expeditor to other architects.”
– Courtney Olmsted, Kenneth Park Architects

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