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Commercial Activity License

To form and run a business in our lovely city of Philadelphia, you are required to obtain some licenses to do so.  You must apply for the proper tax license, get the right activity license (Commercial Activity License), among other requirements.  Sound difficult?  It’s not to us: we can guide you through the process and handle all of the logistics and work for you.


It is not just busywork, though. It is important to understand that certain things you may apply for and wish to leverage in the future (such as a tax abatement) require you to have these licenses.


The very first step in getting yourself established as a business owner in Philadelphia is to set up a Philadelphia Tax account, or Business Income and Receipts Tax (BIRT) account.  This will allow you to take the next step, which is securing your Commercial Activity License. Your Commercial Activity License or CAL allows you the privilege (lucky you! ;)) of operating your business in the beloved City of Philadelphia.


Every person, yes, you reading this, everyone (sole prop, contractor, corporation, association, landlords, investors, developers, etc.) needs a Philadelphia Tax account and Commercial Activity License.


If you try to get around it, you can probably last for a stint in time. But we can guarantee there will come a point in time where you wish to leverage other tools the city offers (such as tax abatements). Or you may be wanting to expand or open up a new type of business and realize there are prerequisites required to do so.  Plus, we literally cannot enter into a zoning project for you to help you open a business or build your investment unless you have a CAL.


Let’s just get it done. A Commercial Activity License and BIRT are free to apply for and establish.


Do it yourself, or we can take care of it for you.

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