Permit Expediting Consulting

Permit Expediting Consulting

Most of Philadelphia Zoning’s offerings are based on providing permit expediting and project coordination services. This has worked very well for over 100 Philadelphia Zoning clients, but there is another option.


Maybe you want to actually learn how to do it yourself and do it well because you have interest, or you do so many projects a year that it’s more economically feasible for you to DIY.


Maybe you are a permit expediter looking for better ways to execute and manage your projects.


Maybe you are a developer that has an in-house expediter and you want them to obtain additional training for best practices.


Or maybe you have a very specific budget allocated for such a service, and being consulted on the process would work best to help get the job done versus hiring someone.


Learning how to expedite permits and licenses, obtain city prerequisites, and effectively execute and manage such projects is an art and a skill; an art because you can make it your own and a skill because not just anyone can do it well. There’s always something to learn about it that will help make your life easier in the process. Like How to PROPERLY submit additional information so your project doesn’t get thrown out (yes, L&I will literally throw your project into a bin for it to never be seen again if you do something wrong..) or how to minimize timelines by getting as much work included in one permit as possible.


Being consulted on the process can be especially helpful if you are DIY-ing to save money. However it is important to note that permit expediting is more than just paper pushing. If your project meets certain standards, you may have to get a prior approval from the streets department. Or maybe you are located in a certain boundary in the city and the Art Commission needs to review your sign renderings before you apply for the permits at L&I; which in itself is a step that takes a few months and has very specific guidelines for submission.


The biggest time waster is when L&I kicks-back your permit application because certain prerequisites were not obtained. This can slow-down a project by at least a month, but usually wayyyy more.


Often we see people that DIY for a few months or even longer, and then wind up coming to us with a bit of a mess to clean up. No problem there, but how about we work together to help you avoid the mess, or at least most of the mess, in the first place?


If you don’t have the budget, or want to do it yourself, at least have someone behind you that can provide the support you need to help make your permit expediting go as smooth as possible.


If you have a project you would like us to walk you through and provide support for while you execute,

or if you want to learn more so that you can be ready when the time comes,

If you want to be consulted on the timelines you can expect

Or if you want to pre-plan your project now so when the time comes you know you need Art Commission Approval and a Streets Department stamp, contact us below!


If you are wondering whether being consulted is right for you and your project or needs, reach out and we can help determine if it would be a good fit.




    Philly Zoning Team
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