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Licenses are required for all different kinds of businesses and operations.

If you are looking to rent out residential housing units, you will need to obtain a Housing Rental License. Or if you are looking to launch a business in the city, you will need a Commercial Activity License.  If you are hosting weddings or are opening a club, you will need a SAOL (Special Activity Occupancy License) for events with live music/dancing/DJs.  We can also help you with food licenses, amusement licenses, your contractor’s license, or any other license you can imagine that the city will require of you.


Philadelphia Zoning’s goal is to get you your licenses and the associated pre-approvals in a fast and simple manner.

To note: There are certain renewal requirements for different types of licenses, and we can help keep your licenses up to date.

Follow these links for a step-by-step guide on how to obtain each license.

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