Get Your Permit Plans Cheat Sheet Right Here!

Get Your Permit Plans Cheat Sheet Right Here!

Our Plans Requirements Cheat Code


We here at Philadelphia Zoning told you a while back about how important plans are to most zoning, building, and sign permitting projects.  (You can find that post right here.)  But that advice was general; we know a lot of you are probably wondering specifically what kind of plans you need for which project.


We’ve decided to make a cheat sheet for you!  You can find the cheat sheet by clicking this link



If you prefer the City’s version (which runs a lot more than one page), we’ve got you covered with the links below.  Happy requirement hunting!


(…Or, if you’d rather not spend an age parsing this jargon, you could just hand over your architect or engineer search to Philadelphia Zoning.  We’ll set you up with seasoned, experienced design professionals who know their requirements and work closely with us.)



City of Philadelphia Reference Guides


Building Permit Information and Application Requirements


Zoning Permit Application and Plans Requirements


Sign Permit Plans Requirements


Electrical Permit Plans Requirements


Plumbing Permit Plans Requirements

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