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Tax Abatements

Tax Abatements are a tool offered by the city to encourage development. Every developer, investor, home-owner, etc. should take advantage of tax abatements if possible.  If you are rehabbing, developing, improving, or building a property (this includes residential, commercial, and industrial properties) you most likely have the ability to defer or lower your taxes. Who wouldn’t want to take advantage of this?!



Oftentimes a client comes to us looking to process an abatement but realizes they missed the application period (applications for an abatement must be submitted before the end of the year when the building permit for that project was issued). Fear not, as this does not necessarily mean that you can not receive the abatement, it just means you will need to go through an appeal process in order to (hopefully) be granted the abatement.


We can determine if your project meets the city’s criteria and submit and process the necessary paperwork to acquire your abatement. Philadelphia Zoning works with qualified attorney(s) to help you through the appeal process to obtain your abatement if you missed the application period.