Project Reports

Have questions about the zoning and permitting process?
Don’t know what your property is legally-zoned as?
Not sure what you can develop by-right?
Unsure if the project you have in mind is feasible?


These are all questions that our project reports can help answer for you.

We offer three different reports depending on what your current needs are:

A zoning and use confirmation report will tell you exactly how the property is legally able to operate. You will know if the property you are interested in buying is legally-zoned the way it is listed. No guessing. No ‘maybe’s. We will deliver you the truth, with our certified stamp of approval to go with it.


A zoning & use confirmation report is $299.

Research and review is for you if you have many questions about a potential project or about zoning, permitting, and licensing. We will combine our knowledge and expereince to answer all of your questions in detail and provide you with your game plan. You will receive a dedicated phone session with us to go through the report together.


The R&R report rate $349.

A project feasiblity report is for you if you are unsure of what you can build by-right, or if you are unsure if the project you have in mind is achievable. A project feasibliy report will answer these questions for you, so that you can make an informed and confident decision about your next steps.


Project feasibility report rates start at $499.

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