Urban Planet

Urban Planet


Now open in the Mills Mall, Urban Planet is a trendy fashion house catering to Men, Women, and Children.


This incredible Canadian based brand has been expanding their presence in American shopping malls for the past decade. This is their first store in the Philadelphia area, and we at Philadelphia Zoning couldn’t be more excited.

Urban Planet approached us to guide them through the Zoning and Building Permit process for their new store. Since the brand is based in Canada, they relied on our team’s expertise to guide them through the Philadelphia permit process and keep things on track.








The first step for us was to obtain a new Use Permit for Urban Planet, followed by a Certificate of Occupancy for the new store. Since this was already a retail store we were able to obtain the Use Permit over-the-counter.


Applying for the Certificate of Occupancy took a bit longer. Since this permit required floor plans the City spent a month reviewing the application, assuring the space was equipt with enough space, means of egress, and sufficient fire suppression system for a store of this size.


In total, these permits took nearly three months to obtain. Since the scope of work was limited to cosmetic changes (lighting, carpets, paint, etc) there was no need to file an Alterations Building Permit with the new Certificate of Occupancy.


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July 12, 2018