Pret A Manger Philly

Pret A Manger Philly

I LOVE Pret A Manger. It’s seriously one of the best on-the-go food grabs for something healthy. I ALWAYS grab something when I am heading out of Philadelphia via 30th street station. So when we heard that they are opening up another location in our city (15th and Market) AND they needed help with permits, you know we were all over that!


We obtained Pret A Manger’s tenant fit-out building permit pretty fast. It took less than one month! Record speed. Our client on this project was the GC, Ridge Construction Corp.


The previous use of the space was an identical use: A carry-out cafe/bakery. Because of this, Pret did not need a new use permit prior to obtaining this building permit. However, the plans examiner did request we get a new use permit. Because the use is the same, we were able to demonstrate this to the plans examiner and avoid having to go through the extra time associated with getting a new use permit.


November 23, 2014


Commercial, Retail