Permanent Makeup Academy

Permanent Makeup Academy

Ina Vez came to Philadelphia Zoning for help opening up her permanent makeup and microblading academy in Northeast part of Philadelphia. As the bonafide tattoo & permanent makeup “zoners”, Philadelphia Zoning was more than pumped for this project!


Ina has 19 years of experience in Philadelphia working for doctors and plastic surgeons performing microblading and other permanent makeup services. She is also one of only two American Academy of Micropigmentation board certified instructors in Pennsylvania. Ina was expanding into the space next-door to her current employer in order to offer microblading classes.


The property where Ina was looking to open her business was in a CA-1 zoning classification, which is Auto-Oriented Commercial; something you see much more of as you leave the denser parts of the city center.


Everything went well at the Community Meeting. Ina’s neighbors were happy to see her expand her business. Part of her process did require us to have a key plan drawn up. Because Ina’s business was not in a standalone storefront, but part of a strip mall that has other tenants and uses the key plan was required to show where exactly the mircoblading would take place.


We wish Ina a successful and rewarding endeavor with her expanded business!


September 21, 2018


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