Magic Eye Tattoo

Magic Eye Tattoo

Augustus Abbonizio is a tattoo artist with nearly 20 years of professional experience in the industry.  He spent most of that time working in Philadelphia. We met Gus when he was gearing up to branch off into his own solo practice, and are thrilled to have been able to help him along with some of that process.


The space we were obtaining this use for is located in a large IRMX building (Industrial Residential Mixed Use) in Kensington. Because there are multiple other spaces and uses operating in the same building, we had to submit a key plan to the city along with our application. This is so the city can see what else is going on in the building. If you are applying for the same regulated use in a single space (for example a single property with a storefront), you do not have to submit a key plan since it is the only use on the premises. Additionally, regulated uses such as tattoo studios require a special city inspection prior to the city issuing the refusal and kicking off the appeals process.


Magic Eye Tattoo is a quiet and sophisticated space dedicated to Augustus’ art and tattoo work.  Augustus’ work draws clients from across the region and entire globe. We wish Gus the best with his new endeavor. Definitely check him and his studio out!


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July 9, 2018


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