Candytopia Philadelphia Permitting

Candytopia Philadelphia Permitting

Candytopia is one of the Fashion District Philadelphia tenants that we had the pleasure of permitting!

Candytopia is an immersive and interactive candy wonderland with multiple locations across the USA.  Obtaining permits for this experience-driven tenant was a bit more complex than your ‘average’ permitting project because of its amusement-like use and because it is a short term tenant.


Tenant Fit-Out Building Permit



Photo credit: Philly Mag

Our team obtained the tenant fit-out building permit for Candyopia.  Most of the challenges that arose within the building permit process were related to temporary construction elements and safety requirements for unique materials that are apart of the installation.


Amusement Permit


One would think of an amusement license to be for carnivals and circuses, but because Candytopia sells tickets for entry, this license was also required.


Health Department Approval & Food License


Candytopia sells packaged candy and drinks in a retail environment. Because of this, the extensive philly health department review and approval process was required (yes, even just for pre-packaged goods!). But luckily because it was just pre-packaged water and candy, the review process wasn’t as intense as a typical retail food location.


Be sure to check out Candytopia while you can! The experience will be operating in the Fashion District until February 2020.


“Working with Philadelphia Zoning and Alexa has been such a pleasant experience. As a non-Philadelphia company it wasn’t the easiest process to get up and running there. Alexa made it a breeze. From A-Z she handled all of the needs and got us up and running without stress.”

– Bear Silber, Candytopia COO




November 23, 2014


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