Brows of Prey

Brows of Prey


Brows Of Prey

Tara-Lynn Baeza is an incredibly talented aesthetician, make-up artist, and educator. She has trained hundreds of aestheticians, cosmetologists, and seasoned beauty professionals in how to perfect and reconstruct brows. Brows are her passion. So much so that she has decided to create her very own business dedicated to the artistry of creating soft and natural looking brows with microblading.

“I’ve always believed makeup at its best is a light subtle enhancement and I aim for the same with permanent makeup.”



Starting her Own Business


When we met Tara last June her business was rapidly expanding. Her talent and skill allow her to help and empower women every day and the demand for her service prompted her to open her own business Brows Of Prey -a  Cosmetic Tattooing, Microblading, Makeup & Wellness Center located in East Passyunk.


Zoning Board Of Adjustment

Because Tara’s business includes Tattoo services, her business is classified as “body art services” under the zoning code. This classification automatically generates a refusal for a permit if it is located within 500 feet of a school or residential district. This refusal doesn’t mean the business isn’t allowed to open, it just means you will need special approval from the Zoning Board of Adjustment (ZBA) in order to obtain your permit.

This kind of appeal is something we here at Philadelphia Zoning love to help our clients with. The 3-6month process to appeal a refusal can seem overwhelming, but let us assure you, where there’s a will there’s a way!


Tara’s project received unanimous support from the neighbors and board of the East Passyunk Crossing Civic Association as well as the Zoning Board of Adjustment and is now open for business.

If you’re in the area and looking for great cosmetic services, (permanent or not) go check out Brows Of Prey.

“When I started thinking about opening my cosmetic tattoo studio I looked into zoning and it literally made my head spin. Upon researching options I stumbled upon Philadelphia zoning and read their success stories with helping business as well as other tattoo studios. I knew I had to speak to them. After speaking to Alexa about to process and how they would handle basically A-Z I trusted her and her company with all of my zoning needs. From the moment I hired them for the job to the day I got my zoning permits took under 4 months which is really quick! Opening a business is tough and theres a lot of moving parts. Hiring them to do my zoning for me was definitely one of the best decisions and I highly recommend them to anyone opening up their own business or new development. Thank you Philadelphia zoning! <3”


January 31, 2018


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