Acupuncture Off Broad

Acupuncture Off Broad

These are the types of successes we truly love to be apart of; ones of entrepreneurship and new beginnings.


In 2016, Philadelphia Zoning successfully acquired a use permit for Eva Zeller and Vito Leva of Acupuncture of Broad located in South Philly. After many years of being Acupuncture practitioners, the pair decided it was time to set up their own shop.

“For my acupuncture studio to get off the ground, it was essential that my home be re-zoned to accommodate a business on the first floor. Jordan and Alexa at Philadelphia Zoning made it happen, allaying my fears every step of the way. To those who say I didn’t need a zoning attorney and could have done it myself: the time saved and headaches prevented by hiring people who specialize in zoning law made it worth every penny.”- Eva Zeller

Note: If you are operating your business under an LLC, you are legally required by law to hire a zoning attorney to assist you in acquiring whatever zoning it is that you need.


The use for this project was refused because personal services as well as mixed-use spaces are not allowed in this zoning district. Because of this, Philadelphia Zoning had to apply for the legalization of the acupuncture studio below a single family dwelling.


Philadelphia Zoning presented the case before the South Broad Street Neighborhood Association. The project received a favorable approval rating from the neighbors as well as the Zoning Board, but required certain provisos (since we don’t want just anyone practicing acupuncture without proving their legitimacy first).


We commend Eva and Vito for their service to the health and wellbeing of their community and wish them all of the success in the world!


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October 2, 2016


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