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Our team aims to provide permitting and zoning assistance that is simple, accountable, transparent, and HELPFUL.

Who are the Humans Behind Philadelphia Zoning?

Founder & CEO

Alexa Ahrem

Alexa was working as an expediter for a zoning attorney when she identified gaps in the market regarding how expediting services were being delivered. She founded Philadelphia Zoning to provide effective permit and zoning expediting services and also set out to educate and empower the public around the complex systems of permitting and zoning. Alexa formerly owned an electronic music event production & marketing brand that serviced companies such as Live Nation and SFX. Alexa loves that she gets to support fellow entrepreneurs by working with them through Philadelphia Zoning. You can find her working out, helping other entrepreneurs launch their business, or volunteering her time to helping stray cats in Philadelphia.

Director of Projects

Sara Lopez

Sara Lopez is a Philadelphia native. She has a marketing degree and loves the city of brotherly love. Her passions include traveling the world and spending time with her dog and family. Sara has witnessed the development unfold throughout the North-East Philadelphia area while growing up and is excited to be apart of it and the overall real estate world in Philly. Her big dream is to develop tiny house communities!

Licensed Permit Expediter

Trena Clarke

Trena is Philadelphia Zoning's licensed permit expediter and an all-around hustla! Trena handles contact and coordination with all city departments for our clients. In addition, she works as a property manager in the city.

Outside Counsel

Jennifer Bazydlo

Jennifer has lived in the Philadelphia area for over 15 years and currently resides in the Port Richmond neighborhood. She loves all the conveniences that city life has to offer, and in her free time can often be found exploring the city on her bike. Jennifer is a licensed attorney in Pennsylvania and New Jersey and is also a licensed real estate agent. Jenn's legal practice focuses on zoning and land use. Philadelphia Zoning collaborates with Jennifer on complex zoning projects for its clients.

Head of Project Assessments

David Lacamera


Brian Ledder

Brian is a real estate developer in Philadelphia with a degree in Architecture from Temple University. He uses his personal zoning experience and architectural background to produce plans and drawings required for building and zoning permits for Philadelphia Zoning clients. Brian also volunteers for a non-profit working to implement climate change adaptation strategies in the developing world. Brian was a Track and Cross Country runner at Temple University and still puts in a great Broad St. Run every year.

General Counsel

Joseph Waala

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