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Protecting your investment,
Developing Your Dreams,
And Permitting Your Peace of Mind.

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Protecting your investment,
Developing Your Dreams,
And Permitting Your Peace of Mind.

Work With Us!

Philadelphia Zoning provides professional permit expediting, zoning consulting & project management services to the investor, developer, design professional, homeowner, and business owner. Whether for a new business, dream home, investment property, or new development, you can trust that your project is receiving the attention it requires to remain on-track.

What We Do For You

Professional Permit Expediting

We provide permit expediting services for building permits, zoning & use permits, zoning variances/appeals, and compliance requirements such as Commercial Activity Licenses, Philly Tax Accounts, and Housing Rental Licenses.

Coordination & Project Management

We understand the inner-workings of permitting procedures and are effective advocates for our clients when dealing with city departments. We lead the charge for getting your permits through the city’s red tape, procedures, and complex requirements.

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Project & Feasbility Reports

Permitting and zoning are dynamic beasts with many moving parts. We assess your project to provide feasibility reports which allow you to make empowered decisions. We also provide zoning training and consult on complex permitting projects.

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Why Choose Philadelphia Zoning?

In addition to obtaining your permits and licenses, Philadelphia Zoning manages the project and all of the involved parties. Our management services cover the project in the pre-development stage; so during the permitting and plans creation phase. We will be the glue that holds it all together until those permits are in-hand.


Avoid common pitfalls and no longer waste your time waiting in lines at Municipal Buildings like Licenses & Inspections.  Timing is everything in this business, so well-calculated hustle is our theme.


Poorly-managed projects that drag out forever wastes your money. Our goal is to help you open your business, build your project, or get your investment cash flowing as fast as possible.


These projects turn into nightmares when you try to do it yourself or work with the wrong people.  Plus, we can quickly navigate the City’s procedures and requirements. We got your back.

Find out how we can help you complete your project!

Who We Help


As a homeowner, you likely don’t have the time or patience to deal with getting the permits for your dream home.  We’re here to get the process done for you and even ensure that contractors don’t hold you up. The goal is to keep you from living in your parent’s basement for longer than necessary while waiting for the job to get done. 

Investors & Developers

If you require a variance to maximize your investment or achieve compliance, we will establish the best strategy for your project so that your money is being well invested. If you are a developer with multiple projects, it is vital that you work with expediters who get the job done effectively. We assist investors with the due diligence process of assessing deals to ensure that you aren’t set back many months and lots of money by being left in the dark.

Business Owners

Certain businesses require specific zoning permits and business licenses; such as a special exception variance or a Zoning / Use registration permit. In addition, you will need certain pre-requisite licenses, accounts, and permits such as a Commercial Activity License.  We handle the entire process for you so you can get your business up and running as quickly and cohesively as possible.

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