Process Applications During City Shutdown!

Process Applications During City Shutdown!

With all City Departments currently shut down because of the Pandemic, it can be frustrating and confusing with how to move forward with your project and get your permits filed. It just so happens that the City of Philadelphia rolled out a new online permit submission system called eCLIPSE about a week ago. 


However, if you aren’t up-to-speed with using eCLIPSE, this can set your permit filings back until the city opens again.


We are not sure when the city will open again, as it is currently ‘to be determined’.


So what does this mean for your project?


It means, this is the perfect time to get registered with the City’s online system and keep your project moving forward, or even apply for permits for a new project during the down-time.


Yes, the city is still processing and approving permit applications for now. (We list out the types of permits they are currently processing below.)


If you’re wondering, “How the heck do I get registered with eCLIPSE and start submitting permits online?” Don’t worry, our team is on the case. We are all registered and are currently helping our clients get registered and their permits filed with the new online system so their projects don’t get put on hold. 


We have learned that contractors and others filing permit applications for their projects are running into issues with not being able to file.  The good news (as mentioned above) is that we are still getting permits processed and approved for our clients during this time. 


Below is the types of permits the city is currently reviewing / approving:


– Building Permits

– Zoning Permits

– Use Registration Permits

– Certificate of Occupancy

– Mechanical Permits

– Electrical Permits

– Plumbing Permits


How To Get Your Permits Approved Online During the City Shut Down:


If you are currently at a stand-still or are unsure of what to do next with your project due to the city being shut down, reach out to us because we can help.


Our team is offering to get all of our clients registered and set up with eCLIPSE FOR FREE when they sign up with us for a permitting project.


To be eligible, you must have NEW PERMITS TO FILE for your project, and want to get them filed NOW.


To get started, please fill out the contact form below and our team will reach out shortly to help keep your project moving forward during the city shut down!



Help Me Submit My Permit Application Online!


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