Community Impact Mission: Nationalities Service Center

Community Impact Mission: Nationalities Service Center


This year, Philadelphia Zoning launched its ‘Community Impact Mission’ initiative. This social impact initiative is designed to feature and support Philadelphia-based organizations that are working to improve, beautify, or strengthen our local communities in some way.  The intention is to choose one organization per quarter to spotlight and donate to; whether that is through financial means, volunteer work, or a combination of both.


We are donating 5% of quarter two’s profits to our second featured organization: Nationalities Service Center.



All humans deserve to be treated equally.  No child or parent deserves or should have to endure the pain that comes along with intentionally being separated from their family members. People shouldn’t be tossed aside and treated like literal garbage just because of where they come from.  There is one race: The HUMAN race. And a lot of us privileged humans can often forget this.


Many of us who are lucky enough to live in places not war-torn and essentially uninhabitable take our protection, safety, and privilege for granted.  I am sure that if one day we were to wake up to bombs going off in our own backyard and needed to flee with our children, that we would hope and pray to arrive in a place that welcomed us and did its best to assist us in integrating into society rather than furthering our trauma and pain.


Small-minded inflated ego-driven humans have painted a picture that refugees and immigrants do not belong and are bad people. However, the ones trying to arrive and integrate calmly are not the ones who need to be treated like criminals and trespassers. What would you do if your HOME was war-town; a battleground? You would do what you have to do to survive. Of course, it is not as simple as accepting and integrating everyone into society (or is it?), but the least we can do is to not treat people like subpar specimens of the world.


In light of all the unfoldings at our border concerning our refugee crisis, we figured there is no better time than the present to do what we can to help an organization dedicated to assisting with these highly sensitive issues.


The Nationalities Service Center is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and is “Philadelphia’s leading immigrant and refugee service organization empowering individuals to build a self-sustaining and dignified future.”  The organization and its staff and volunteers are dedicated to providing ‘comprehensive services to immigrants and refugees, including legal protections, community integration, access to health and wellness services, and opportunities to achieve English language proficiency.’


The NSC spearheads many initiatives including anti-human trafficking, helping survivors of trauma and torture, and helping minors with no parents. They are working to integrate refugees and immigrants into our local community in healthy and positively impactful ways. An example of this is leveraging urban agriculture as a bridge between refugees and the community; they have created multiple community gardens in which refugees and immigrants learn agriculture and how to grow their own food.


Through their website you can also donate, learn all about what they are doing for the refugee and immigrant community, and you can even hire a refugee for work.





Please consider helping us double-down on providing for this important organization’s mission and work by making a tax-deductible donation here.


Visit the NSC website


Our previous Community Impact Mission Feature was the Stray Cat Relief Fund of Philadelphia. Check it out here.


Alexa Ahrem
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