Philadelphia Zoning is Now Hiring a Permit Expediting Consultant

Philadelphia Zoning is Now Hiring a Permit Expediting Consultant

Now Hiring a Permit Expediting Consultant!


Hi! Thank you so much for being interested in our Permit Expediting Consultant position!  Please read the below carefully prior to applying. We are looking forward to working with a dedicated & awesome leader who’s committed to their growth! Please note that we are not looking to hire someone to just ‘do a job’, we want to also help you grow into the person you wish to become! We believe every position and thing we undertake is an opportunity to grow. Read on if you resonate with this.

Please note this is mostly a remote role, so you must be self-sufficient and self-motivated outside of a typical office setting.


The Purpose of the Role


The purpose of the permit expediting consultant position is to educate incoming leads about what their project needs, how Philadelphia Zoning can help them/how the process works, and to turn that person into an active Philadelphia Zoning client. This is an incredible opportunity to work on your sales and consulting skills. You will be led through the process and given tools to succeed, but also encouraged to find ways that you can also grow and succeed in your own unique way within the role. Once grasped, sales is one of the most valuable tools; it translates to any area and any job. You truly become fearless and awesome at working with all kinds of people.  Because our service is highly sought-after, the role is much about educating and answering questions. You won’t be asked to be hard-selling all day.


Who You Will Work With


Philadelphia Zoning clients range from homeowners, real estate investors/developers, and small business owners to large national architectural/design companies and international brands. Some of our current client rosters include Armani Exchange, Forever 21, Macerich, Gensler, DSW, Candytopia, and more!


If you love coordinating with bada** business people and making big things happen, this role is definitely for you!


What You Will Learn


  • You will learn all about the underworld of permitting; the back-end requirements that need to be met in order to build a home, launch a business, or develop massive real estate; even what goes into a project before you are able to step into that mall and buy a new outfit!
  • You will learn how the city and different governmental offices are involved in different stages of the development and design process.
  • You will learn all about what goes into the architectural/design, engineerings, and structural processes behind real estate and business creation.
  • You will learn about the real estate market in Philadelphia.
  • You will improve your listening and communication skills.
  • You will learn about technological systems that support businesses in their operations.
  • …And sooo much more!



The Role


  • Manage the lead intake process: Set up phone calls with potential clients, answer their questions, educate them on how we can help them, and how the company works and offers its services.
    • Work within our CRM Software to input lead information and track the progress of leads and opportunities.
  • Generate and send quotes and proposals.
  • Execute the client onboarding process:
    • Quickbooks: Inputting client details, creating estimates, creating and sending invoices, tracking payments.
    • Contracts: Generating the appropriate project contract(s) and confirming their signature upon project launch.
    • Introduce clients to their project manager and intermittently check in on the client to ensure they are satisfied.
  • Answering customer service questions related to client onboarding: billing, timelines, and general service questions.
  • Solicit feedback and reviews from clients when their project is completed.
  • Improve the sales process and implement best practices to make your job and the experience more streamlined and user-friendly.
  • Create content that educates and adds-value to our market.


Your Character/ & Characteristics


  • You are responsive to clients and the people you are working within the company during reasonable business hours.
  • You are timely when it comes to your work and understand the flow that is expected within client services work and project management; especially when in a sales consulting role.
  • You are accurate and detail-oriented.
  • You enjoy coordination and have the flow and adaptive attitude needed to work within different systems and to switch between tasks.
  • You have a pleasant personality with people: You are naturally friendly, but you [kindly] don’t take people’s shit, either. You can stand up for yourself and the company in a respectful way when needed, and get what you need from people to keep things moving along.
  • You enjoy and are able to speak with many people throughout the day.
  • You are able to articulate clear answers to questions that you are asked on the phone and via written communication.
  • You have experience with and like working in client services and/or real estate services.
  • You are open to receiving constructive feedback, and also comfortable providing constructive feedback. It’s a two-way street here! We want to improve as much as you do.
  • Must be coachable and flexible and have an attitude towards life that is always seeking growth and development.
  • You embody leadership characteristics and qualities.




  • Must have experience in a sales role, with proof that you have handled the entire sales process from a person being a lead to becoming a client.
  • Some experience with invoicing, billing and an understanding of Quickbooks is preferred.
  • You have experience with creating quotes/contracts, and coordinating with different parties to get them fulfilled, or at least related administrative experience.
  • It is preferred that you have experience working somewhere within the world of permit expediting and understand the lingo of permit expediting and zoning. A role in real estate would also translate well.
  • Self-sufficient, motivated to get the job done, and you complete your work! That is why we are hiring, after all 🙂
  • Must be able to solve problems on your own, but also open to expressing when you need help.
  • A fast learner that is able to implement, adapt, and pioneer change when needed.



Start Date: Immediately!





We look forward to working with you!



Thank you,

Alexa Ahrem, Founder

Philadelphia Zoning

Alexa Ahrem
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