Philadelphia Zoning is Now Hiring a Permitting Project Coordinator!

Philadelphia Zoning is Now Hiring a Permitting Project Coordinator!


Hi! Thank you so much for being interested in our Permitting Project Coordinator position!  Please read the below carefully prior to applying. We are looking forward to working with a dedicated & awesome leader who’s committed to their growth! Please note that we are not looking to hire someone to just ‘do a job’, we want to help you grow into the person you wish to become. We believe every position and thing we undertake is an opportunity to grow. Read on if you resonate with this.


The purpose of the permitting project coordinator position is to manage the coordination, seamless execution, and successful completion of projects. The position will start out as an assistant project coordinator to the owner and you will have the opportunity to transition to lead coordinator. This is an incredible opportunity to work on your project management and communication skills and to exercise your project coordination expertise. You will be trained in our current project coordination processes and given the tools to succeed, but also encouraged to make the role work for you.


Please note this is a semi-remote role currently, so you must be self-sufficient and self-motivated outside of a typical office setting. Also, we are a young, growing company so you must be able to thrive in a developing and changing environment. 



The Role


  • Strategically research, plan, and execute complex permit projects for zoning permits, building permits, licensing requirements, and other types of permit expediting projects while hitting deadlines, targets, and remaining on-track with timelines.
  • Answer customer service questions related to the client’s projects while creating an inviting aura and space for communication.
  • Improve the project coordination process to make your experience and the clients experience more streamlined and user-friendly for the highest probability of flawless execution and successful outcomes. Also, document project coordination best practices for the company via these improvements.
  • On-board clients to prepare them for a successful project while identifying best practices for communication and coordination. We aim for clients to be educated, clued-in, and for there to be as little confusion as possible.
  • Create content around what you are learning for the blog and social media.
  • Client happiness and retention management: Solicit feedback and reviews from clients when their project is completed.
  • Consistently provide project updates to clients and all the involved parties.
  • Accurately complete permit and license applications.
  • Work with the team: Be the point-person with certain city offices alongside of the permit expediter to obtain and coordinate for specific project information. Communicate deliverables to permit expediters, collect the deliverables, and manage needs between the client, the city, and the permit expediter.
  • Work within project management systems to track project status, communicate key project information with clients, and keep comprehensive project documentation.
  • Translate project deliverables into organized, step-by-step tasks for seamless project progression.
  • Assess if projects are exceeding their scope and then notify, educate, and bill the client accordingly.
  • Work with the sales consultant to understand deliverables and the client during the on-boarding process.
  • Complete project case studies and features for the website and social media.
  • Bill clients for project fee remainders.



Your Character & Characteristics


  • You are welcoming, inviting, and pleasant to work with.
  • You manage your stress and overall stress well. You don’t let people or things get to you and knock you off-course. (We also understand you are human, though!)
  • You are a clear, effective, and pleasant communicator.
  • You are responsive to clients and the people you are working within the company during reasonable business hours.
  • You are timely when it comes to your work and understand the flow that is expected within client services work and project management; especially when in a project coordination role.
  • You are accurate and detail-oriented.
  • You enjoy coordination and have the flow and adaptive attitude needed to work within different systems and to switch between tasks.
  • You value, understand, and use technological platforms to assist with the project management process.
  • You have a pleasant personality with people: You are naturally friendly, but you [kindly] don’t take people’s sh*t, either. You can stand up for yourself and the company in a respectful way when needed, and get what you need from people to keep things moving along.
  • You enjoy and are able to speak with many people throughout the day.
  • You are able to articulate clear answers to questions that you are asked on the phone and via written communication.
  • You have experience with and like working in client services and/or real estate services.
  • You are always on the lookout for opportunities to make improvements and make things simpler for people and yourself.
  • You are open to receiving constructive feedback, and also comfortable providing constructive feedback. It’s a two-way street here! We want to improve as much as you do.
  • Must be coachable and flexible and have an attitude towards life that is always seeking growth and development.
  • You embody leadership characteristics and qualities.




  • Must have experience in a project coordination role with proof that you have handled the entire project coordinating process from on-boarding a client to successful project outcomes.
  • Some experience with invoicing, billing and an understanding of Quickbooks is preferred but not necessary.
  • Ability to create project scopes, deliverables, timelines, and translate requirements into tasks.
  • You have experience with coordinating with different parties to fulfill project tasks.
  • Excellent written and verbal interpersonal communication skills.
  • It is required that you have experience working within the world of permit expediting and understand the lingo of permit expediting and zoning. If you have worked on different projects with multiple clients, this role would be best for you.
  • Self-sufficient, motivated to get the job done, and you complete your work! That is why we are hiring, after all 🙂
  • Must be able to solve problems on your own, but also open to expressing when you need help.
  • A fast learner that is able to implement, adapt, and pioneer change when needed.
  • Experienced user of Google Drive, email, Word, and working within technological systems to execute projects.
  • A strategic thinker with the ability to strategize, analyze, problem-solve, and to have the foresight to prevent unnecessary problems.


Start Date




Approximately 25/30 hours to start with the opportunity for this to grow quickly.


How to Apply


Apply via this link:


*Please do not apply if you do not have the relevant experience as outlined, and if you know deep down that it wouldn’t make for a good fit after reading this. <3


We look forward to working with you!


Thank you,

Alexa Ahrem, Founder

Philadelphia Zoning

Alexa Ahrem
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